7th High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities

3–4 March 2016

Hanoi, Viet Nam

Government of Viet Nam
Government of Japan
Government of Cambodia
Government of the United States
ASEAN Secretariat
ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities


  1. Discuss and develop recommendations to the EAS Environment Ministers on how to advance ESC regional cooperation towards the 2030 Agenda, particularly through a re-designed ‘new HLS ESC’ in 2017;
  2. Identify and highlight key programmes/activities of important stakeholders that could contribute to the ‘new HLS ESC’ and EAS ESC cooperation in the context of 2030 Agenda;
  3. Showcase innovative, game-changing ESC practices/policies and technologies in the region;
  4. Promote networking, cooperation and knowledge exchange among key ESC stakeholders from governments, academia, civil society, international organisations, private sector etc.

National and local governments, bilateral and international development agencies, city networks, NGOs, private companies, academia and community groups

• Day 1: Opening and Keynote presentation; Plenary 1: Way Forward for ASEAN ESC Cooperation, ‘New HLS ESC’ and Related Initiatives towards the 2030 Agenda; Plenary 2: Deepening EAS Synergies for ESC Regional Cooperation to Realise the 2030 Agenda; Parallel Thematics A1 & B1, A2 & B2; Plenary 3: Day 1 Summary;
• Day 2: Parallel Thematics A3 & B3, A4 & B4; Plenary 4 – Re-designing the ‘New HLS ESC’ 2017; Plenary 5: Adoption of Recommendations to EAS Ministers; Closing; Networking / Side Event

The programme and a snapshot of the thematic sessions are available.

The High Level Seminar on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (HLS ESC) is the flagship collaborative initiative by 18 East Asia Summit (EAS) participating countries (consisting of 10 ASEAN member states, plus Australia, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, and New Zealand as well as the United States and Russia) to foster concrete activities on ESC in the region.

It provides a platform to gather a broad range of stakeholders from government ministries, local governments, international organisations, NGOs, academe and front-line experts on urban environmental management to discuss current issues and explore opportunities for collaborative actions. Past seminars were: 1st HLS ESC (Jakarta, Indonesia in March 2010), 2nd HLS ESC (Kitakyushu, Japan in March 2011), 3rd HLS ESC (Siem Reap, Cambodia in March 2012), 4th HLS ESC (Hanoi, Viet Nam in March 2013), 5th HLS ESC (Surabaya, Indonesia, February and March 2014), 6th HLS ESC (Johor Bahru, Malaysia, February 2015)


Please note that in general participation in the High Level Seminar is limited to the East Asia Summit countries, cities and organisations linked to the same. Participation requires recommendation by the national focal points and other seminar organising partners. Any enquiries should be directed to the Secretariat via email at [email protected].