Dr. Herry Karnadi, M.Si, Head of General Government Administration Division, Bogor, Indonesia

Herry Karnadi born in Jakarta on March 14th, 1971. After graduating from high school in 1989 in Jakarta, he continue studying at the High School of Public Administration Diploma program and graduated in 1992. And then graduated at the Institute of Public Administration.

He continued his studies at the University of Indonesia to take the Master program. Herry Karnadi is currently active as a civil servant in Bogor City Government and served as Head of General Government Administration Division.

Over time Herry Karnadi has held several positions in the secretariat of  Bogor City, among others in 2005 was appointed as Head of Operations and Control of Civil Service Police Unit of Bogor, in 2009 was appointed as the Division Head of Acceptance and Complaints Integrated Licensing Service Agency, in 2010 was appointed as Head of Economic Affairs, Research and Development of Regional Planning Board of Bogor, in 2012 served as the District Head in South Bogor and in 2015 up to now served as Head of the General Government Administration Division.


  • 1999: Award of the Government of West Java Province in the field of combating drug.
  • 2009: Award from Save Our Election Institute, as a youth motivator field of democracy and leadership.
  • 2010: Australian Alumni Award from the Australian Government as alumni who excel in the field of social development and democracy.