Mr. Nguyen Khac Tiep, Independent Consultant

Mr. Nguyen Khac Tiep is a former industrial development officer of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, UNIDO, working in the Energy and Climate Change Branch since 2008 until January 2016. Before that he was working for 7 years at the UNIDO Regional Office in Bangkok, Thailand, as an industrial development officer responsible for the development of UNIDO country programme in the five countries under the coverage of the regional office, namely: Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar with particular focus on business development, environmental and energy programmes.

During the 8 years working at UNIDO Headquarters before his retirement, he developed and managed the implementation of a large and diversified technical assistance project port-folio, covering industrial energy efficiency, capacity building for CDM and Climate Change Partnership, industrial solar thermal energy application, low-carbon transport, smart cities, and clean technologies innovation and start-ups in developing countries, such as: South Africa, Malaysia, Myanmar, Turkey, Egypt, Ecuador, Brazil, Belarus, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, etc.

Before joining UNDP in 1987 and his move from UNDP to UNIDO in 1991, he had worked for the Government of Vietnam, BHP and BP after his return from Germany in 1978. From 1977 to 1978, he worked as an engineer at a diesel motor manufacturing corporation in Germany.

In 1977 he got his Bachelor degree on mechanical engineering in Germany, and in 2006 his Master of Science degree in Applied Environmental Economics from the Imperial College London.