Ms. Pornsri Kictham, Advisor to the Mayor, Nonthaburi Municipality

Ms. Pornsri Kictham graduated from Mahidol University, Thailand. She started working with the Chanthaburi Municipality in the field of environment and health. During her time as the Director of Environment and Health in Nonthaburi Municipality, she created a successful waste management model for the city and led Nonthaburi Municipality to become a best practice example for other cities to visit and learn from. In 2011, as Municipal Clerk, she was able to successfully protect Nonthaburi Municipality from a great flood. Her book “Urban Resiliency Strategy in Nonthaburi, the Protection of Nonthaburi City from the Great Flood of 2011” was published in 2014 by Nonthaburi Municipality. At present, she is advisor to the Mayor of Nonthaburi Municipality, Member of Central Commission for Municipal Staffs and Member of Municipal Staffs Committee of Nonthaburi Province