Ms. Maria Adelaida “Laids” Mias Cea, Regional Coordinator CCCI Asia Pacific, UN-Habitat

Maria Adelaida Antonette M. Cea has worked on urban and rural development issues over the last fifteen years specializing in capacity development in the areas of settlements planning, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, area resource management, local development investment programming, and stakeholder relations.

Ms. Cea is currently the Regional Coordinator of UN-Habitat’s Cities and Climate Change Initiative (CCCI), working on building partnerships, policy development, and local government support in developing climate change action plans. Specifically, she provides technical advisory to countries and cities in the CCCI Asia Pacific network in conducting vulnerability and risk assessments, developing city action plans, and in mainstreaming climate and disaster resilience into existing urban development plans, policies, and guidelines.

In her CCCI engagements, Ms. Cea has spearheaded the development and sharing of the “Participatory Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Toolkit Based on Experiences from the Philippines”. She is also one of the contributing authors of UN Habitat’s "Planning for Climate Change Tool for Municipal Planners"​ and is currently engaged in rolling-out use of the tool by city partners in view of achieving sustainable urban development.