Mohd Rizal Osman

Dr. Mohd Rizal Osman is current working with Urban Wellbeing Centre of Excellence (URBANICE MALAYSIA) as a Manager of Analytics, Outreach & Programs. URBANICE MALAYSIA is a company limited by guarantee under the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government as incorporated on 28 June 2016. He has working experience with Federal Department Town and Country Planning (PLANMalaysia starting from 2004 to 2016) and private town planning company in 2001 to 2004.

He is holding Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Combining Multi-Source Satellite Sensor Imagery to Monitor and Forecast Land Use Change in Malaysia (Urban - Remote Sensing) from University of Southampton, United Kingdom in year 2014 under supervision by well-known professors in remote sensing field; Prof. (Dr) Peter M Atkinson and Prof. (Dr) Ted Milton.

He served as Town Planner nearly 16 years. From that experience, it is necessary to introduce new techniques in preparing land use plans and monitoring and forecasting with scientific approach through capabilities of Remote Sensing images and image processing methods.

Manager, Urbanice Malaysia
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