Haris Anwar Syafrudie

Dr. Haris Anwar Syafrudie is working as lecturer and researcher in State University of Malang, Indonesia.

In 2002-2004 he helped develop and implement the program on population and  environment education project at Directorate General of Primary And Secondary Education Department of Education and Culture, together with scouting agencies and the environment ministry.

From 2012-2015, he helped the Directorate of Primary School National Education Ministries to develop and implement clean and healthy schools program, implemented and applied at primary schools throughout Indonesia.

He graduated with a doctorate in environmental education from the State University of Jakarta and he was a researcher in the research department and community service at State University of Malang.

In this seminar he is attracted to Sustainable Urban Development,  as he has taught in the department of civil engineering.

Lecturer of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technical University of Malang (UM)
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