Arnan C. Panaligan

Mayor Arnan C. Panaligan is referred to as a City Builder since he is one of the founders of Calapan City in 1998. 

He was elected as the first City Mayor of Calapan after it was converted into a city in 1998.  As mayor, he steered the growth and development of the young city by promoting investments, improving the city’s infrastructure and upgrading the delivery of social services. 

After completing nine years as mayor in 2004, he became Governor of the Province of Oriental Mindoro where he launched projects in agriculture and eco-tourism and formulated a Province wide Investment Plan for Health that sought to improve the public health delivery system in the province.  In 2013, he was elected to serve again as City Mayor of the city that he helped to establish.  As City Mayor, he is prioritizing job generation, urban renewal, health care, housing, education and food security.  He envisions the City of Calapan as a rising metropolitan center of investments and agro-industry of the MIMAROPA Region. Mayor Panaligan is a lawyer by profession. 

Mayor, City Government of CALAPAN
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