Mr. Felix Kalkowsky
Program Officer CITYNET

CityNet is a network of cities and urban stakeholders committed to sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. Felix is coordinating the organisation’s funding program for the National Chapters in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. He is organising side events and sessions at major international conferences and is supporting CityNet’s capacity-building programs by preparing workshops for government officials and technical experts.

Mr. Kalkowsky has a background in urban planning and climate change. Prior to joining CityNet, he was as climate change mitigation manager in Germany, working together with various entrepreneurs from the private and public sectors to implement strategies for climate change mitigation at the municipal level. He lectured on “Concepts of Sustainable Urban Development” to undergraduate students. He also worked for local governments, universities, on EU-funded projects and for organisations including the United Nations. Mr. Kalkowsky graduated with BSc and MSc in Urban Planning at the HafenCity University of Hamburg, Germany.

At the High-Level Seminar, he hopes to learn more about ongoing and planned projects and initiatives at the local level, and to connect with mayors, and other representatives from cities and important urban stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region in the area of sustainable urban development (e.g. smart cities, city-to-city cooperation, governance and urban infrastructure).