Ms. Li Panwen
Program Manager, China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center

Ms. Li Panwen is a Programme Manager at the China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center, based in Beijing, China.

With a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management, she conducted a series of research on water resources management and ecological compensation. Her main responsibilities include China-ASEAN Partnership for Eco-Friendly Urban Development, ASEAN-China Cooperation on Peatland Conservation and Biodiversity and Ecological Conservation.

Her forthcoming projects include mangrove wetlands conservation experience-sharing between ASEAN and China, soil pollution control in cities, sponge city and low impact development.

At this High-Level  Seminar, she hopes to learn more about good practices, experiences, and successes from cities in Asia, especially how to balance economic development and environmental protection, such as smog and air pollution control, and to connect with experts and officials from outstanding green cities.