Support Organizations

Waraporn Tong-on

Dr. Waraporn Tong-on is currently a Specialist in Environmental Project of WWF Thailand.

Prior to this she was a lecturer at Rattanakosin College School of Energy and Environment, Rajamanggala University of Technology Rattanakosin.

Her previous professional experience includes post-doctoral researcher at School of Energy Environment and Materials at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi in 2015 – 2016.

Mariko Sato

Ms. Mariko Sato is Chief of UN-Habitat Bangkok Office. Mariko serves as liaison, as part of the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP). 

Since joining UN-Habitat in 1998, she worked at the Regional Office based in Fukuoka, providing technical advice to the field projects, ranging urban governance, slum upgrading, post-disaster and post-conflict settlements recovery and rehabilitation.  She was then transferred to Geneva, where she coordinated UN-Habitat’s response to Human Settlements in Crisis and contributed to the IASC cluster system. 

Tetsuji Goto

Mr. Tetsuji Goto is currently JICA Senior Advisor for Urban and Regional Development.

He is engaged in JICA Urban development / Urban Planning Master Plan Project of Developing Countries. Prior to current status, he had experience as JICA expert of urban planning or regional planning in Malawi, Cambodia, Solomon Islands.

Now he is also involved in the JICA Research “Sustainable Cities in Developing Countries”. He has interest in linking urban planning systems to local cities and in sustainable cities development.

Hanah Paik

Ms. Hanah Paik has been leading CDP’s (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) cities programme in Asia Pacific since 2014. CDP’s mission is to transform the global economic system to prevent dangerous climate change and value our natural resources by putting relevant information at the heart of policy, business and investment decisions.

Eri Honda

Ms. Eri Honda has worked for fostering economic growth and cooperation in developing countries for over 25 years. Currently, she is Principal Urban Development Specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Saroj Srisai

Mr. Saroj Srisai is currently an Assistant Director/Head of Environment Division under the Sustainable Development Directorate, ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Department at the ASEAN Secretariat based in Jakarta Indonesia. His current responsibilities include all ASEAN regional related-matters on environment, namely, water resources and management, coastal marine, natural resources and biodiversity, climate change, sustainable eco-cities, chemical and waste, environmental education as well as all partnerships with related agencies and dialogue partners.

Gessarin Gunthawong

Gessarin Gunthawong is working as a Project Technical Officer for the GIZ Transport and Climate Change Project.

She graduated master degree in Urban Engineering from The University of Tokyo in 2005. She has experiences working for various development projects, including regional planning and transport development projects with national and international organizations.

Gessarin is actively working to support the development of MRV for transport in Thailand and also focusing on transport and climate change policies in Thailand.

Julia Nagel

Julia Nagel is currently an advisor on transport and climate change to the ASEAN Secretariat. She focuses on sustainable transport indicators, two-wheelers and is further leading the monitoring and communication of project activities.

She has experiences working for various development projects including regional planning, climate adaptation and mitigation in Germany, Chile and ASEAN. Julia holds a Diploma in Geography and Transport Planning.

Daizong Liu

Daizong Liu is currently Director, China, at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities in World Resources Institute.

Prior to this, he was EMBARQ and Transport China Director at the World Resources Institute where he led or conducted WRI Public Transportation Development policies in both national level and city level. He also led projects in Transit-Oriented Development, Road Safety Design and Transport Emission assessments fields in China.

Rocky Pairunan

Rocky Pairunan is Technical Officer Environment at the ASEAN Secretariat based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His portfolio includes ASEAN Cooperation on Climate Change and ASEAN Cooperation on Environmentally Sustainable Cities.

He has intensive exposure as a coastal planner at the Ministry Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia. His postgraduate study was in Marine Spatial Planning and Management at the Liverpool University, United Kingdom.