National Government

Ujang Solihin Sidik

Mr. Ujang Solihin Sidik is currently deputy director for product and packaging who is responsible for setting up national policy and regulation as well as national guideline regarding extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Indonesia.

He is also in charge of promoting and implementing EPR nation-wide as mandated by our law and regulation of solid waste management.

M.Noor Andi Kusumah

Mr. M. Noor Andi Kusumah is currently Deputy Director for Solid Waste Management Performance Evaluation, Directorate of Solid Waste Management, Ministry of Environment and Forestry in the Republic of Indonesia.

Karen Culminas Tandang

Karen C. Tandang is currently the Environmental Management Specialist-2 with a designation of Assistant Ecological Solid Waste Management Coordinator and ESC Coordinator of Environmental Management Bureau-Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region IX. 

Prior to this she was an Environmental Science graduate and presently taking up graduate studies in a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering at Western Mindanao State University, Zamboanga City. 

Ni Ni Thin

Mrs. Ni Ni Thin is an Assistant Director, Environmental Conservation Department, at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation in Myanmar. 

Prior to this, she was a Fellow at the Myanmar Timber Enterprise, where she conducted Master degree research in 2006. She has also worked at the Myanmar Timber Enterprise from 2002 - 2015. Her forthcoming projects include: “National and City level waste management strategy in Myanmar”

She completed her Master’s degree in Forest Products at University of Forestry, Myanmar.

Kamariah Ibrahim

Kamariah Ibrahim is working as Director of Research and Development Division, Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Peninsular Malaysia, Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government.

She graduated from the University Technology of Malaysia (UTM) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Town and Regional Planning. She has more than 30 years experiences in urban and regional planning with major involvement in Land use Planning, Development Planning, Planning Laws, Sustainable City, Safe City Programmes and Healthy City Programmes.

Dolbani Mijan

Dato’ Dr. Dolbani Mijan is the Director General of PLAN Malaysia - Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Peninsular Malaysia under the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government.

A Registered Town Planner with more than 35 years of experience, he has served several states and positions, such as State Planning Director for Perak and Planning Officer in Johor and the Northern Project Office.

Sengdara Douangmyxay

Mr. Sengdara Douangmyxay is currently working in the Department of Housing and Urban Planning, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Lao PDR.

Prior to this, he held a position of Deputy Project Manager for an ADB-funded urban development project, where he was assigned to carry out project progress monitoring, supervise the design and implementation of infrastructure components, including bidding procedures, and liaise with financial institutions and local governments. 

Sonenathy Pakuonluang

Mrs. Sonenathy Pakuonluang is a Technical Official at the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,  Lao PDR.

She is responsible for drafting the guidelines for Green, Clean, and Beautiful Laos Framework. She also works with local and international expert teams to raise awareness on environmental education and climate change in provinces in Lao PDR.

Soukvilay Vilavong

Mr. Soukvilay Vilavong is the Deputy Director of Administration and Planning Division of the Environmental Quality Promotion Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Lao PDR, responsible for international cooperation.

He is now acting as the alternate contact person of the ASOEN-Laos, coordinating with AMS and ASEAN Plus Three and Dialogue Partners in the field of environmental cooperation.