Local Government

Aung Myint Maw

Dr. Aung Myint Maw is currently Assistant Chief Engineer in Pollution Control and Cleansing Department, Yangon City Development Committee.

Thit Sinn

Mr. Thit Sinn is currently member of MCDC, Mandalay Region Government, Myanmar, He was appointed to the post by Mandalay Regional Government in January 2017.

Prior to this, he was a freelance researcher and conducted studies in the area of socio-economic development in both urban and rural contexts.

Prior to that academic career, he was a medical doctor and  spent many years taking health care of individual as well as community at  large.

Toshiyuki Yamazoe

Toshiyuki Yamazoe is currently Senior Advisor for International Business Relations, City of Toyama, Japan.

He is a member of the Office of Strategic Planning and Resilience which oversees Toyama’s engagement in the Rockefeller Foundation 100 Resilient Cities Program.

Hermansyah Bin Darman

Mr. Hermansyah Bin Darman is currently Vice Mayor of Banjarmasin City. 

He was a senator for two terms in DPRD Province South Kalimantan. He also served as a head of football association in Banjarmasin and Vice Head Journalists Association of Indonesia.

In 2015, he worked on a special committee for mining in South Kalimantan. 

Eka Rahayu Normasari

Dr. Eka Rahayu Normasari, St, MM, M.Si is currently Chief, Section Environmental Recovery  to the Environmental Department in Banjarmasin, Indonesia.

Prior to this she was a Fellow with the Building and Planning Department in  Banjarmasin as Chief of Transportation, Tourism and Environment section,

She completed her Doctoral  Degree in Environmental Science  at Sebelas Maret University  Indonesia, which include research on Control of Martapura River’s Pollutant. 

Kim Thoa

Mrs. Kim Thoa is currently working at the Environmental Protection Authority of Can Tho, Viet Nam as deputy director. In September 2016,  She was appointed concurrently as chief of the Can Tho city climate change office.

Before that, she is graduated from Can Tho University and went on to pursue a graduate master's degree at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand.

Pann Morokoth

Mr. Pann Morokoth is the Director of Environmental Department, Pursat Province, Cambodia.

Prior to this, he was a Director of Aoral Wildlife Sanctuary and Deputy of Environmental Department, Pursat Province.

He completed his BA in Computer Engineer at RUPP and his MBA in Financial Management at Chalstert University.

At the High-Level Seminar, he hopes to learn more about environmental management and to connect with the ASEAN working group on environmentally sustainable cities.

Agoes Edy Poetranto

Agoes Edy Poetranto is the head of Malang City Environmental Agency. He is focusing on preparing Malang City a part of ASEAN Low Carbon City, actively preparing the city to participate in Cities Clean Air Partnership (CCAP), and handling all of the Environmental issue in Malang to be an Environmental Sustainable City.

Saifuddin Abdul Karim

Mr. Saifuddin Abdul Karim is the Director of City Planning with Melaka Historic City Council in Malaysia.

He holds an MSc degree in Renewable Energy: Technology and Sustainability from the University of Reading, United Kingdom and a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Town and Regional Planning from Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia.

He is a registered Town Planner with the Malaysian Board of Town Planners and the Malaysian Institute of Planners.

Jianhai Zhao

Mr. Jianhai Zhao is the Assistant Director to Guangdong-Guangxi Interprovincial Pilot Special Zone Management Committee in China.

Prior to this, he was the Deputy General Manager of Anbang Real Estate Investment Division of Anbang Insurance Company, which is the top five insurance company in China.

Mr. Zhao graduated from the University of New England with a Master’s degree in Commerce. At the High-Level Seminar, he hopes to learn more about sustainable city development.